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Halifax Psychologist and Practice Owner, Brad Peters, discusses the process of therapy and related issues, including diagnostics, methods of treatment, and misconceptions that people might have about engaging in a course of therapy. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel for a full list of videos and to receive updates.

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The internet has continued to evolve in ways that give users greater access to an almost limitless amount of information. More than ever, consumers are able to access a wide range of material that can help them choose among many options of mental health service providers.

Gone are the days when the name of a good therapist came only by physician referral or ‘friend of a friend.’ Psychologists in private practice today, are at least expected to have some kind of online advertisement, perhaps with a photograph of themselves, a small summary of their areas of practice, and something about their therapeutic approach or style.

Potential clients want to know that they are in capable hands, and if possible have a sense of the person who will greet them in that first appointment – the individual they will trust to help them with their issues or concerns. They want to know: what is this person like? And just like credentials were later accompanied by write-ups and photos of smiling psychologists, we believe this generation of consumers will find unparalleled value in being able to see and hear a psychologist saying something about what they do and how they work. Cornerstone Psychological Services is the first psychology practice in Halifax to promote their work through the video medium. In doing so we hope to demystify the process of therapy, and perhaps make it a little less scary for those who are considering engaging in a course of therapy, but nonetheless find themselves anxious or hesitant.

So please join our YouTube channel, engage in some friendly discussion, and feel free to ask general questions about any of the mental health topics covered. Are there topics, issues, or concerns that you would like to see explored in future video posts? Let us know, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to be notified of new updates.

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