Parenting Concerns, Support & Consultation

Parenting advice and counselling from Psychologists in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Parenting a child or teen can be a tremendously challenging job and we cannot possibly have all of the answers for the many issues that can arise.

Parenting challenges may be related to something specific like a child or teen behavioural problem, dealing with a family illness, divorce or family transition, or finding ways to resolve individual differences, which may involve a course of family or attachment therapy. Brad Peters will offer parental support while collaboratively working with parents to find creative and individually tailored solutions to resolving the presenting issue or concern.

Recommended Reading

The Explosive Child: A New Approach for Understanding and Parenting Easily Frustrated, Chronically Inflexible Children (Ross Greene)

Greene offers a relatively new approach to helping parents work with exceptionally challenging children and teens. The 'Collaborative Problem-Solving' method has been tried and tested with some of the most tenacious patterns of inflexibility and behavioral difficulty. A highly recommended read for parents and a good adjunct to child or teen therapy.

Parenting from the Inside Out: How a deeper self-understanding can help you raise children who thrive (D. Siegel & M. Hartzell)

The authors draw from both attachment theory and neuroscience to describe how these early parent-child relationships help shape who we are today. The reader will likely gain a greater insight, understanding, and appreciation for the emotional reflexes they may have learned during their own childhood. Through careful self-reflection and making peace with the past, one can avoid having to repeat maladaptive patterns of family interaction with one's own children. A highly recommended book.

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