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Cornerstone Psychological Services is currently looking for an associate psychologist to join our busy practice. We are conveniently located in the West End of Halifax, close to the Quinpool shopping/restaurant district, hospitals, universities, and bus routes.

Our clinic has a bright and welcoming reception area, and all our professionally designed offices feature attractive furnishings and windows. Cornerstone has a full-time office manager who handles appointment bookings, reminder calls, and day-to-day office needs.


Cornerstone Psychological Services (reception)

Cornerstone Psychological Services (office 1)

Our Vision

Cornerstone Psychological Services is a psychotherapy practice striving for excellence. A business is only as good as its various parts, so we invest heavily back into the practice and the people that work here. We want to recruit, train, and develop the absolute best clinical psychologists in Halifax. Our associates are adept, and we expect a lot from them, because our clients do as well. We will help you become the best therapist you can be, offering you a place where you can feel challenged, inspired, and supported.

We encourage a strong team environment of mutual support and respect. Everyone has a say in the development of the practice and in the kind of place they want to work. We want our team members to feel invested in the practice; to feel pride in its reputation. At Cornerstone, you will develop your professional skills, build confidence, and find success. Having achieved that, we hope that the environment we provide is the kind that will encourage you to stay with us for years to come.

Training and Professional Development

Cornerstone will often pay for the professional training and development of associates. Professional workshops and conferences are typically suggested by the practice (based on areas of needed development and expertise), but are always of high caliber and significant monetary value. Such training partially fulfills the professional obligations required by The Nova Scotia Board of Examiners in Psychology (NSBEP).

Psychology Conferences, Workshops, and Therapist Training

We also offer free individual supervision and training for associates interested in learning new skillsets (e.g. couples therapy); in such cases, we will assist in the development of personalized learning plans (subsequently approved by NSBEP).

Cornerstone holds weekly clinical meetings where we discuss cases, theory, and research. We respectfully engage and challenge one another’s ideas, ways of conceptualizing clinical phenomena and of doing therapy. We encourage our team members to be both open-minded and critical thinkers. From time-to-time our clinical meetings are used to engage in role-plays and to view videotapes of therapy encounters. Lastly, the weekly meetings are a place to discuss ethical concerns or dilemmas that may arise in your clinical work, keeping your ethical awareness and decision making sharp. These meetings partially fulfill your NSBEP requirements.

Cornerstone has an ever-expanding collection of psychotherapy training tapes, showcasing a variety of therapy approaches. These tapes are often costly, but are an important supplement to the professional development of a well-rounded clinician. We encourage our therapists to seek out new additions for us to add to our video library.

Marketing, Advertising, and Referral Generation

Cornerstone generates a steady stream of referrals through our contacts with EAP’s, Community and Victim Services, nearby physicians and related health professionals, and through various advertising and marketing initiatives. Associates of the practice are welcome to promote themselves and their services, but it is by no means a requirement. We are committed to supporting you, and to ensuring that our team members have enough referrals to work as many hours as they would like. We have a significant budget for marketing and advertising of the practice, but as a representative of our team, we will promote you as well.

Cornerstone is an industry leader in online marketing and web-based technologies. Potential clients will see our faces on our website and can read our individual bio’s. Our web blog is regularly maintained with up-to-date articles on a variety of mental health topics. We are the first local practice to have an online feedback form, where clients can give anonymous comments about the quality of their therapy experience. Cornerstone is also the first local practice to use YouTube as a means of engaging the public about issues related to mental health and therapy.

Our contract psychologists and counsellors are expected to occasionally write short blog posts on our website (maybe a few per year on whatever topics interest them) and we ask that they be open to doing free talks within the community on various mental health related topics (these are rare and often done with a group of two or three). We believe that writing and presenting are important professional skills to develop and keep honed; it encourages critical thinking, creativity, and helps to solidify our understanding of related concepts within clinical psychology and the process of therapy. We also believe this to be an important way of giving something back to the community while reminding people of what we do.

Privacy and Security Measures

Psychology Data, Privacy, and SecurityDue to the highly sensitive and confidential nature of your work, security should be a paramount concern. Our practice has an up-to-date physical security system and various policies and procedures to ensure personal safety and the security of sensitive data. We have a paperless policy: nearly everything is stored electronically. Cornerstone has a secure internal network and one of the most sophisticated backup/security systems for protecting electronic client data from corruption/loss, theft/tampering, and more. This should be peace of mind for psychologists working in private practice.

Additional Support Services

Cornerstone has a full-time office manager, who takes care of nearly everything related to the operation of the practice, including but not limited to: phones (incoming calls, messages, appointment reminders), faxes, emails, referral intakes, booking appointments and managing calendars, assisting in advertising and marketing, mail-outs, accounting work, and more. The office manager is an invaluable part of our team who, in addition to the above, keeps morale up and contributes toward the pleasant and friendly atmosphere within the practice.

Comfortable and Supportive Environment

We do everything we can to ensure that our associates are comfortable and happy in their work environment. It can be tempting for practice owners to try and maximize their office space by having as many associates sharing a single office as is physically possible. While this often makes good financial sense, it can lead to an extremely stressful work environment. Sharing an office typically means less control over when one works, resulting in a more fragmented schedule. Contract workers who find themselves in such situations will often work multiple jobs to maintain a full workload and get their preferred hours. This may result in an overcrowded and disjointed practice, where a clinical team is made up of part-time associates who are booked on top of one another with little time to talk and interact with colleagues; it becomes hard to truly know one another and feel part of a collaborative team.

Cornerstone strives to avoid many of these issues. Most of our team members work full-time, which means familiar faces that you will come to know and trust. We are accessible to one another throughout the day, and are often able to chat between sessions, at the beginning / end of our work day, or by grabbing a meal together at one of the many local eateries nearby. We encourage a friendly work environment where colleagues can, stick their head in someone else’s office to ask questions, or if they need consultation, guidance, or support.

We do everything possible to ensure that our full-time associates have an office space that they can more-or-less call their own. Our offices are adequately furnished, but our team members are encouraged to tastefully personalize them to fit with their aesthetic preferences. We want you to feel at home in your space; where you can be your most creative self; to not feel rushed either coming or going; to know that if you need it, you will have a place to study and prepare for the important work you do each day.

If there are shared spaces in our practice, we are very conscious to ensure they are not overly congested, and that the office space is consistent and agreeable to whoever uses it. By not overcrowding, our associates will have greater determination over their schedule, which they may adjust to fit their personal life. Although we often make suggestions based on areas of need (e.g. willingness to work some evening hours), our team members are generally in charge of when they work.

We believe that these business choices result in a happier work environment, which helps our team members be at their best, in the important work they do.

The Ideal Team Member

growth, determination, psychologistWe are looking for people of integrity, who are open and honest in how they interact with their clients and colleagues. We admire those who can be confident and determined, but also self-aware and capable of demonstrating humility. We encourage our team members to be honest with themselves about their strengths and weaknesses, and trust their colleagues to help them when they need it. Candidates ought to be passionate about professional growth and view learning as a lifelong activity. We want people who care about their work, who are creative, open-minded, and yet capable of critical thinking. If you think these qualities align with your attributes and values, then there may be a place for you here at Cornerstone.

If you are a motivated, clinical psychologist seeking a rewarding career experience, consider joining our team.


  • Candidate or Full Registration with the Nova Scotia Board of Examiners in Psychology
  • Provide counselling services to adult individuals and couples
  • Commitment to ongoing learning and professional development
  • Enthusiasm to participate in marketing opportunities
  • Ability to work some weekday evenings
  • Commitment to ethics and professionalism

Preferred (considered an asset):

  • Work experience with adolescent / family therapy will be considered an asset, but is not required.
  • Preference for clinicians who are ‘theoretically integrative’ and/or are willing to broaden their therapeutic skills through peer supervision, consultation, or additional training.


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