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Cornerstone Psychological Services offers counselling and therapy for children (12+), teens, adults, couples, and families. 

Psychologist, Brad Peters, is flexible in his approach, and will tailor interventions to the specific needs of his therapy clients, using therapies that are logically-informed, scientifically-based, and time-sensitive. We aim to provide our clients with the kinds of experiences that promote meaningful change.

Cornerstone is currently offering telepsychology services by video or phone, and some in-person sessions on a limited basis. For further information about telepsychology and in-person sessions, please scroll down this page.

Our psychological services include:




Please take some time to look through the website. If you have any questions or concerns about psychological services, or would like to book an appointment with psychologist, Brad Peters, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Telepsychology includes psychological services provided via secure internet technology. Such services are offered as an alternative to face-to-face sessions, as a matter of convenience or in situations where in-person sessions are difficult to arrange. Telepsychology has the same intention or purpose as conventional psychotherapy, and in our experience, works incredibly well for most people. It involves arranging an appointment time between the client and the psychological service provider (therapist) when both parties can interface from a computer, smartphone, or iPad, using a webcam and an internet connection.

We have chosen to use for our current telepsychology platform. It offers one of the most secure options at the present time, including a 256-bit AES-encrypted signaling and media stream. This service integrates the reliable and widely used Zoom videoconferencing engine, with some additional security features. Please contact us for more information about the telepsychology services we offer.

In-Person Sessions

The COVID-19 situation has been hard on the Canadian economy and small businesses. As a result, we anticipate eventually moving away from in-person appointments, which will alleviate the costs associated with a full-time commercial office space. We currently offer in-person therapy sessions on a limited basis. Priority will be given to higher need clients who are less likely to benefit from telepsychology sessions, as well as current clients who would prefer in-person sessions. The decision to offer in-person sessions will be based on comfort level and other relevant factors. Telepsychology sessions will continue to be offered to clients who are not high need or would prefer the online option.

When attending an in-person session, we would ask you to do the following:

  • Bookings and payments should be done online. Please contact for more information and indicate if you would like to meet with your therapist in-person.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Please note that voice messages on our phone will be infrequently checked, and our fax line will not always be open to receive messages. Email is the best way to communicate:

Warm regards,

Brad M. Peters

Practice Owner
Cornerstone Psychological Services

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